Saturday, 21 May 2016

Seeing clearly

My annual eye exam came up recently so I took myself off to the Optometrist to get tested. I went to a new place because the last time I got glasses I paid the most exorbitant amount of money for the blasted things and I vowed that I would NEVER do it again. I mean honestly, I have good private health care. They are generous when it comes to glasses. The things are small and they aren’t made of gold.  I truly fail to see how a set of frames with an ultra-cool brand name on the side can cost as much as my last pair did. 

So, off I went to my appointment. Eye test was fine, my peepers are in good shape other than the fact that they just don’t see quite as well as they used to. I moved into the glasses area to make my selection and briefed the assistant about my requirements. 

For the look: “No frames that are too big, nothing cat’s eye or goggle-like. Nothing too funky – I’m not that cool. Don’t make me look ugly.” (Gotta try at least). 

For the price: “Not the cheap, two-pairs-for-one-low-price that are totally flimsy and break in a month. I want good quality, mid-range glasses that are sturdy and reliable. And not ugly.”

The team were friendly and helpful and dashed around holding a dizzying array of glasses up in front of my face. There were a dozen different shades, colours and styles to try and the team took my criticism of some of their choices quite well. (In hindsight, "Oh good God – are you mad?" might have been a bit harsh). 

We ended up with a plain blue pair and the girls at the cash register agreed that they were a good choice. I also asked to have the new prescription added into my old glasses so I’d have a second pair and it cost me extra - OF COURSE - but still not as much as I paid for them the first time. 

Fast forward a few weeks and I've had some time to get used to my new glasses. Overall I like them -  I’m seeing better and they work the way they should. There’s just one thing – they aren’t as good as my old ones.  While they aren’t completely flimsy, they are still a lot lighter and feel less sturdy than my original pair. I find I have to be careful when I take them off and fling them on my nightstand (yes, I do that) for fear of breaking them.  

Can it be that my old, trendy-branded, super expensive glasses were more expensive because they are actually better made and more reliable?  Could it be true that you have to pay the equivalent of the national debt of Bolivia to actually get a reliable, well-made pair of spectacles? Only time will tell how this new pair wear, but it’s going to be a purchase worth watching.

                             I think the owl glasses holder that I bought in Paris like the new purchase.

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