Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My secret addiction

It's time to fess up and come clean. 

My name is Pita and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Yes, really.

If you are uninitiated to this delightful site, you might want to look away now because once I tell you that it's the most amazing place to find, collect and store links to all the things you are interested in, you might decide to go and have a look. And then when I tell you that you can arrange all your collections onto handy little boards for anything that takes your fancy, you might want to try it.  And it's all downhill from there.

At first it was just a place to collect a few recipes.  I didn't have any more yellowing pieces of paper floating around the house from recipes that were torn out of newspapers and magazines. Then I started collecting ideas for hairstyles, cute cats, ladybugs, great quotes, writing tips, crafty projects and the colour blue.  The next thing I knew I was scouring the net for inspiring photos, blogs I love, black and white images, drawing tutorials and even - gulp - a tips for organising and decluttering your life.  More than 2.5k pins later, I have a thriving collection of material that I add to on a daily basis and return to regularly to gloat over like some crazy hoarder of old tin cans.

Just a few of my Pinterest boards.
I found this great image on Flickr and bizarrely it has been
my post popular pin - shared 135 times.
In my defence I do try new recipes quite a bit and I've got more than a few hairstyles that I've learned from the site.  It also keeps the clutter around the house down because I don't have any of the aforementioned paper clippings sitting in drawers as they are all online.

The site has a devoted following of 'Pinners' and unlike Facebook, it doesn't work on a friendship basis.  You don't have to know anyone to follow them, you just wander through material that interests you and its easy to run off on tangents of related material, finding ever new photos, tutorials, videos and tips about fun things. It even has its own language - pins that people have tried that worked out are called 'pin wins' and those that don't are called 'pinstrosities'. There is even a hugely popular blog called Pinstrosity, where people share their hilarious failures and successes - such as the cookie bowl mayhem.

So there you have it.  Crazy, time sucking and possibly pointless? Sure. But also a fabulous reference site and place to collect photos, articles and information about anything in the world you could possibly be interested in. And oh, sooooooo much fun and - dare I say it - addicting.  If you are a fellow Pinterest fan, you can find me here.


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